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Dr. Charles Marlin Honored in Clarion County

Dr. Charles Marlin with Clarion Mayor Jennifer Fulmer-Vinson, Clarion County Commissioner Ted Tharan (far right), and longtime colleague, Janice Horn, (far left).


On October 10th, the Clarion County Community Foundation, an affiliate of Bridge Builders Community Foundation, honored Dr. Charles Marlin with a citation from Clarion County and a Proclamation from Clarion Borough.

As a director of Bridge Builders Community Foundations, Dr. Marlin played a crucial role in establishing the Clarion County Community Foundation in 2007 among his many other accomplishments.

Both the Citation and the Proclamation recognized Dr. Marlin as follows:

· Dr. Charles Marlin was a driving force in the creation of the Clarion County Community Foundation in 2007;

Dr. Marlin was a long-standing member of Bridge Builders Community Foundation's Board of Directors;

• As a member of that Board, he was instrumental in expanding the organization’s mission to multiple counties;

• He was an exemplary leader in the establishment and distribution of a wide range of scholarships to assist Clarion County students in their pursuit of higher education;

• Throughout these efforts he has shown his commitment to his community through philanthropy and service.

A small reception was held with Dr. Charles Marlin’s friends and colleagues in attendance.

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