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Dr. Justin Miller Joined the Medical Team During the FISU World University Games in NY

Dr. Justin Miller at the game's "flame"

in Lake Placid, NY.


Chicora’s sports chiropractor, Dr. Justin Miller, was in Lake Placid, NY for the FISU World University Games for a large part of January. Dr. Miller was honored to be part of the Biathlon & Nordic Combined Events Medical Team.

The Lake Placid 2023 – FISU Games is an eleven-day international festival and competition that combines high-level sports and educational and cultural events. The Winter World University Games is the largest winter multi-sport collegiate athletic event in the world. The 2023 event had 60 countries and 2,500 student-athletes compete from all over the world. The games were held from January 12 through January 23.

(Cross country relay winners)

In a brief interview, Dr. Miller was asked the following questions about his experience at the FISU World University Games.

PN: What did it mean to you to be selected as a member of the medical team for the FISU World University Games?

Dr. M.: It was quite an honor not only to be selected for the medical team but to be one of the few sports chiropractors to be selected.

PN: What was it that motivated you to apply for the position?

Dr. M.: The apex for any sports chiropractor is to be able to work the Olympics. I felt that this opportunity would give me an “Olympic” kind of experience. This would help me to determine if I might want to work towards the goal of being at the Olympics someday. Also, sports chiropractors are highly qualified and sought-after providers for sideline care of Olympic, professional, and collegiate sports. Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) will not allow us to work on the sidelines of high school sporting events in Pennsylvania. I am part of a committee that is trying to change this bias. The PIAA needs to understand and recognize that sports chiropractors can work with universities from all over the world and help their highly trained athletes at the top of their sports. I strongly believe that we should easily be given that same opportunity to stand beside our Pennsylvania high school athletes, providing the specialized treatment and care needed.

PN: Was there a special moment at the games that stuck with you to bring home as a lasting memory? Dr. M.: When you see these elite athletes on TV, they almost seem superhuman! At the end of the day, they’re just kids . . . someone’s kid whose care has been entrusted to me. I took that seriously. It was interacting with them behind the scenes that I will cherish the most.

PN: Which event gave you the most work or that you enjoyed the most? Dr. M.: I really enjoyed the biathlon which, unfortunately, gave us the most work. When you crash with a rifle on your back, it tends to cause some damage.

PN: Would you do it again? Dr. M.: Absolutely! This event was really very well organized. I had a lot of fun and everyone I met was so friendly.

Dr. Miller is a 2002 graduate with honors from the New York Chiropractic College. He is a member of the prestigious Phi Chi Omega Honors Society. After earning his doctorate, he continued his studies and received his certifications as a Chiropractic Sports Physician and Kinesio Taping.

Dr. Justin Miller’s office is in Chicora, PA at the Miller Sports & Family Chiropractic LLC. The phone number is 724-679-1755.

Joining Dr. Miller at the Miller Sports and Family Chiropractic is Dr. Megan Murdock, and two staff members Kayla and Shawna.

Mass start for the biathlon (this is an area where a lot of wrecks can occur

but thankfully this one started cleanly). And what a view!

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