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Earth Day At Home

Chan’s Earth Day Bird House

Taking time to work together to feed the birds.


Earth Day At Home

After two months of being quarantined at home, the students of Immaculate Conception Parish School had lots of fun celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

The 5th and 6th grade classes held an Earth Day t-shirt fundraiser earlier this year. The proceeds went to the Clarion Free Library and they were lucky enough to present a check to Miss Jean before the schools closed. On Earth Day, everyone from the students and teachers, to parish staff donned those Earth Day t-shirts and posed for pictures to share with our school family on the online learning portal, where everyone can stay connected.

The IC family, separately with their own families, spent the week taking care of God’s creations. They picked up litter, made bird houses and feeders, ice sun catchers, and brushed their animals and left the hair for the birds to make their nests. The little ones colored pictures while the older students made mazes and art out of items found in nature and many started home gardens.

Earth Day was definitely different this year, but we as a school still honored our beautiful planet Earth throughout the week.

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