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Emily Wetzel - An ACV H.S. 2020 Graduate Profile - Continued as part of a weekly series

Emily Wetzel


Emily plans on attending Slippery Rock University to major in Health and Physical Education after graduation.

When asked about her favorite memory she said, “There is not one memory I’d like to choose from because they all should be recognized. My favorite thing to do throughout my years of school was to make new friends and create memories with them. I have so many people I’m close with now that there are numerous moments I could think of with various people.”

Since her freshman year in high school she says she has definitely gained more confidence and has become more outgoing. She said her freshman year is kind of the year when you gradually start to become one of the big dogs, so at first it was all a little intimidating. 

Emily’s biggest challenge in high school was to figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Junior and Senior year are kind of the main periods that prepare you for college and that transition from “Oh, it’s just school,” to “Wow, I really should be thinking about college and what I need to do and focus on in high school.” She said that, “that transition was most difficult because there is a lot more work put on the table to do”. 

As for her favorite teacher, she said there really isn’t a favorite. She felt that at any point she could go to any of them and ask for help and they would gladly do their job. She doesn’t think it’s fair to choose any because each teacher teaches a different subject and one subject could be more entertaining for a student than another. 

In the next ten years she hopes she is least on her own. She hopes for a nice job in a good location with a potential husband and my own house. She says those are big dreams though so she’ll see. 

She listens to a variety of music but the majority of it is Pop/Rap. Her Instagram handle is: emkweezy

For her extracurricular activities she was a member of the volleyball and softball team at ACV. 

In her spare time she likes to keep herself busy with sports. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and keeping them close. That seems to be most important to her in order to be happy.

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