Emlenton Brew Haus Welcomes Customers

First customers: Left to right: Doug Bell, Julie Powell, Jeff Powell,

Mickey Bell and Kim Geibel. Missing from photo Michelle L. Pennington.

The Emlenton Brew Haus has hosted several event parties over the last couple weeks, but the official opening was held last Friday, July 23, 2021. At noon on Friday the first customers got a glimpse and taste of whats been “brewing” over the last year.

Garrett and Shanna make the Emlenton Brew Haus

number one hundred on their list of breweries visited.

In a show of appreciation the opening was well attended by many of the residents and businesses including Little It Deli, Otto’s Tavern, Courson Engines, The Progress News, etc.

It just so happened that Garrett and Shanna Tharan of Knox hit the century mark in breweries visited when they walked through the doors. Having a taste for the craft brew, Garret and Shanna enjoyed their historic experience. “ The American Wheat is an easy drinking crisp beer you will enjoy all year round and the stout is light but full of flavor. You can have more than one and it doesn’t fill you up”, stated Garrett.

The opening menu featured three brews on tap and included the Airbase Stout, a dark beer with hints of chocolate and coffee of medium bitterness as well as the All American Wheat (ABV 4.6%) and the CannonBall Kolsch which is a light German Summer ale with a mild nutty flavor which features an ABV of 4.9%.

The Emlenton Brew Haus has a seating capacity for around 140 people and features a downstairs area that includes duck pin bowling, shuffle board and a pool table.

Hours of operation will be on Friday and Saturday from noon to 10 pm and they will add days in the coming weeks as they get acclimated.

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