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Emlenton’s Own “American Idol” Releases New Music CD

Isaac Cole releases “The Fifth”


Emlenton native Isaac Cole recently released new music from Nashville, TN where he has relocated to follow his passion for country music. Isaac’s new project, “The Fifth”, is a collection of eight of his best and most recent original songs. Those who have heard it have said that it is his best work to date! At 21 years old, it is the fifth CD that Isaac has recorded since he first recorded “Country Boy” at the age of 11.

“The Fifth” is a celebration of a decade of making original country music for Isaac, and he’s hoping it will be the one to kick open the door for his career. It has two songs on it written solely by Isaac, and six co-written songs. It is available everywhere that you can download and stream music, and if you would like a hard copy, you can call 724-822-0709, or email, and they can be delivered locally for $10 each or mailed for an additional $5 shipping and handling.

If you have never listened to Isaac’s music, consider checking this one out! It’ll be worth your time and money, and you’ll be supporting one of our own!

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