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Francisco’s Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Brent and Bernadette Francisco, today and wedding day.


Brent and Bernadette Francisco celebrated 50 years of Marriage on August 19th. Francisco married the former M.Bernadette O'Donnell on August 19,1972 at Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church in Chicora, PA.

They have 2 children,Heather Francisco of Medford,MA and Lisa Francisco of Jacksonville, FL.

Francisco is a retiree of Indspec Chemical.

Mrs, Francisco is a homemaker and a 45 year retiree as a owner & operator of Francisco's Beauty Shop.

Their favorite hobby is to play golf.

They will celebrate their accomplishment by receiving a special blessing at a Mass held at Mater Dolorosa Church and a dinner at Clifford's Restaurant.

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