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Free Tree Sections for Firewood

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Do You Need Tree Sections For Free To Split For Firewood? If So, We Got It, It’s Yours For Free, So Come And Get Them – First Come First Served!

ARTinCC – the bike trail nonprofit building the trail from Foxburg to Emlenton, has largely dropped trees and cleared the land just west of Railroad Street from the Rt. 58 Bridge north 700’. The cut tree sections are on the ground or stacked, and available to the public for free, and without the need for further request. Please do not drop the trees that remain. Come and get the cut sections while they are still there for the taking. Please watch for the trip and fall hazards, but the wood is yours if you want it. The sooner it is all gone, the sooner we can yank stumps and begin to sculpt the land for the bike trail. Help us out by taking what you or your friends and family can split and use.

Check out our website,, and linked Facebook Page and Friends Group. We urge you to become a Volunteer, and possibly Donate to our cause by clicking on the top tabs on the website. E-mail us if you want at In any case, take the wood!

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