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Going . . . Going . . . Gone! Emlenton Main Street Business Razed

Oh the stories that were told in this space and the business that was carried out. We can take you back to about 1954 when Fred “Pinky” Brosnahan operated a service station and tire shop which was formerly Morrison’s Tire Shop. The area was equipped with a lube rack and a wash rack for local cars to be serviced. On the same lot you could find a bakery which eventually burnt down and a Player Piano store which was operated by Arch Newton. “Pinky” retained the property up until the 1980’s having leased the property to Sam Chambers who began running the tire shop in or around 1969. Many might recall Ray’s Hot Dog Shop and Rumbaugh’s Restaurant which became a town favorite for a quick bite in the 60’s and 70’s. Both were on the same lot. Guy W. Shoup also opened a billiards hall in the late 70’s for kids. “Pinky” Fred Brosnahan eventually sold the lot in the early 1980’s to Steve and Connie Makuch who ran Gold Star Custom Cycles. Steve was one of the area’s finest mechanics and many sought out his expertise on getting their Harley’s fixed and fine tuned. Most recently the lot was owned by Bob Makuch who operated Bob’s Auto Detail. The lot was sold to Farmers National Bank and plans are currently under way to develop the area possibly into some parking and a little park area for the bank employees and community to eat and take a break.


Photo 4: May 25, 1964: L-R: Bill O’Brien and Fred “Pinky” Brosnahan

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