Good Vibes Livens Up Emlenton

Mitch Littler of Oil City, brings "Good Vibes" to Emlenton.


Two days in a row there were Good Vibes at the corner of Main and Kerr Avenue in Emlenton.

Mitch Littler of Oil City put Emlenton on his list of towns to share his “Good Vibes”. Mitch is a Pitt Univ. senior and is spending his summer vacation sharing his talent of singing, guitar and harmonica. His visit to Emlenton was his 122 day straight visiting towns in PA and Ohio. So far he has visited towns in PA counties of Clarion, Conneaut Lake, Corry, Edinboro, Emlenton, Erie, Franklin, Greenville, Meadville, Mercer, New Castle, New Wilmington, North East, Oil City, Sharon, Slippery Rock, Titusville, Union City, Warren, Waterford. And in Ohio he’s been to Youngstown, Kent.

He says he’s even sung in the rain. (Light rains that is). Mitch is equipped with a battery powered amp, good for 4 hours, a microphone and an electric acoustic guitar.

Littler is a philosophy major at Pitt, but enjoys playing his guitar and making music. (You can find him on Facebook.)

Listening to Mitch for a few minutes, you knew that people enjoyed his sound. Many stopped to listen, honk their horns, drop money in his hat and some were dancing in the street. He says that some folk even join in the singing with him, and he doesn’t mind that either.

Two evenings with Mitch on the corner of Main and Kerr in Emlenton proved to be a delight and he brightened everyone’s day.

Thank you Mitch and come back soon!

Catch a short video of Mitch on the My Progress News YouTube Channel!

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