Groundbreaking For Bruin Area Veterans’ Memorial

Representatives from the Bruin Area Veterans‘ Memorial Association, Rome Monument, Brady’s Bend American Legion Post #488, and Dillion, McCandless, King, Coulter & Graham look on as U.S. Army Veteran Richard Buckley breaks ground for the Veterans’ Plaza phase of the Bruin Memorial construction.

Groundbreaking For Bruin Area Veterans’ Memorial

Bruin Area Veterans’ Memorial Association is pleased to announce the groundbreaking for The Veterans‘ Plaza portion of the planned memorial. Phase 2 of this project includes the foundational work, construction of a low wall surrounding the plaza, and laying of pavers, some of which are engraved to honor Veterans. Work will begin as soon as the weather and schedules permit.

The Veterans‘ Plaza pavers may be purchased to recognize any honorably discharged U.S. Veteran. The Veteran need pg; be from the Bruin area. For information about purchasing pavers, send Lg name, address and phone number to; BAVMA; PO BOX V; BRUIN, PA 16022. Pre-construction paver prices are $70 each or 3 for $200. Do not delay, because paver prices must increase once the laying of pavers has begun.

A group of concerned local citizens saw the need to more fittingly express gratitude to all those who have honorably served in the United States Armed Forces. As a result, B.A.V.M.A. was formed, incorporated, granted 501 (c)3 non-profit status in the spring of 2019, and fund raising commenced. Funds have been raised to begin this phase, but many donations are necessary for the project to continue. Donations are greatly needed, greatly appreciated, and may be sent to the address above. This memorial will honor all Veterans generally, and those from Bruin and the surrounding area specifically. As you enjoy our country’s freedoms this Memorial Day, please think about how you want to preserve those freedoms for the coming generations.

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