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High School Senior Profiles - Series . . . Starts this Week

The Progress News would like to introduce the start of the ACV High School Senior profiles. The first of the series of senior profiles will be found on page A-3. Our intent is to feature several of the 46 seniors at ACV each week. The Allegheny-Clarion Valley School District, superintendent and school board president have recognized the impact that the early school closing has had on this year’s senior class. Superintendent David McDeavitt, stated that, “This year’s senior class has missed out on all of the spring activities that have lasting memories. With that, we wanted to help in some way by organizing short profiles of each of our 2020 Class Seniors.” He continued, “Our seniors have missed out on the spring sports, the Jr./Sr. Prom, the National Honor Society Induction, Senior Awards Day and possibly a normal graduation ceremony. This group of seniors is my favorite. I have known them all since grade school when I first became superintendent here at A-C Valley, and they have all grown into great and wonderful students. I cherish each one of them and wish the best for them in their lives to come. With these student profiles, I hope you get to know them a little better and also wish them the best that life has to offer.” Jennifer Feicht, president of the ACV School Board was also disappointed that the graduating class of 2020 could not be recognized in the usual manor, and sees these senior profiles as a way to showcase their seniors who she admires dearly. Feicht, says that the school board and staff are working on a possible virtual type ceremony for the National Honors Society Induction and is hopeful for a better than virtual ceremony for graduation. Several students have told her how they miss their friends, sports and classes. The first three profiles of ACV H.S. Seniors are on Page A3 and photos of the entire 2020 graduating class are on page A-5.

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