Hillview Cemetery in the Village of Kepple’s Corners Installs Columbarium

Dalton Parker rigs up the

Columbarium to be set in place.


Hillview Cemetery in the Village of Kepple’s Corners near Chicora recently installed a granite columbarium. A columbarium is a granite structure with small separated spaces, called niches that house cremation urns. A granite door covers the niche space and provides a place where family names and dates can be engraved.

Columbarium set in place

at Hillview Cemetery.


The columbarium was purchased by the cemetery from Donegal Monument Co. in Chicora. Steighner Crane Service of Butler was hired to lift the 6,800 pound columbarium into place near a landscaped area at the entrance to the cemetery.

Chris Hile the owner of Donegal Monument Co. and Hile Funeral Homes, said with more families choosing the option of cremation, the columbarium will be a dignified, respectful, and meaningful place for families to permanently and securely place the inurned cremains of their loved ones. Hile also stated that the columbarium is the first and only one to be placed in the Chicora – Petroleum Valley area.

Bob Ripper, a member of the Hillview Cemetery board of directors, was in charge of the columbarium project. Ripper said the columbarium contains thirty niches, which can accommodate up to two customized urns and ten niches which can accommodate up to four customized urns. Mr. Ripper also stated that prices to purchase a niche space will be made available to the public soon and will be published in The Progress News.

Anyone interested in purchasing a niche space may contact Bob Ripper at 724-445-2957.

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