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Honey I would like Some Sunflowers

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

(See slide show at the end of the article)

Be careful when you ask your wife what she wants for Christmas. Just ask Sherb Jamison of Eau Claire. All his wife Sue wanted for Christmas was sunflowers…. well maybe not four acres but that’s what this Christmas gift has now rendered.

Sherb’s harvest of sunflowers was planted around Memorial Day and in the last couple of weeks his field once barren has now manifested itself into a beautiful pictorial arrangement of sunflowers with their hues of yellow, green and black. Some sunflowers in fact, stretch as high as ten feet above the earth acting as tenders of the herd.

Motorists and flower aficionados traveling along route 38 just north of Eau Claire, usually stop throughout the week to take a picture or take in the scenery. On-site you will find a tractor and an old truck which serves as a picturesque backdrop among the flowers.

Sherb plans on planting again next year but is looking to plant in phases to stretch out the harvest. “Next year I will start a little later and see if we can extend a little more into the fall season, you also have to be careful of the frost if you plant too early, lamented Jamison.

Jamsion plans to use some of the seeds for his own personal use but mostly the four acres will be combined down into cattle feed.

Want to pick a flower? They are $1 each or $5 for 6. There is a donation box in the field for those wishing to make a donation as a show of appreciation. “People are welcome to take pictures if they like, commented Sherb.

After all, they just might end up as a nice great Christmas gift.

Wonder what Sue will ask for next year?

Stay tuned!

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