Horsethief Days in Knox Cancelled for 2020

At the July 16, 2020 meeting of the Horsethief Days committee in Knox, and after much debate, the group decided to cancel the celebration! The committee said the game changer was Governor Wolf’s position that only 249 people are allowed at any event! According to Jack Bish, Jr., a Horsethief committee member says, “PennDOT is not permiting any state road closure exceeding those limits (249). So any event held on a State route that a group applies for a road closure that exceeds 249 people, will not be approved”! Also he added, “We can’t risk our insurance or putting Knox Borough on the hook! There was no way we could possibly make sure everyone was wearing a mask and social distancing!! Let alone risk anyone getting Covid and possibly passing away!” But he said, “We will have an awesome Kellner’s Fireworks show on Saturday, August 22 at dark.”

Sadly, the committee was hoping Horsethief Days would give a much needed shot in the arm to our local businesses after being beaten down for 4 months but again Wolf took that away by his orders Wednesday, July 15, 2020!

Jack thanks the Horsethief sponsors who sent in money for the festival this year! He said, “We have a great community and we will come out of this better and bigger for Horsethief 2021!!”

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