Hovis Truck Service Suffers a Major Fire - But Their Resources Will Keep Them Running Strong

Hovis Truck Service, Emlenton-Clintonville Road after the

fire on Sunday morning January 9, 2022.


An intense fire erupted at Hovis Truck Service at 6010 Emlenton-Clintonville Road just off I-80 exit 42 and near the Emlenton Truck Plaza in the early hours of Sunday morning January 9th. The fire of undetermined origin roared through and destroyed the main building which included offices, service and repair garage, and parts sales. Fire crews from over twenty communities in five counties responded to the call that went out at approximately 4:06 AM. The fire engulfed the building and was fueled by tires, batteries, and flammable materials. A number of truck vehicles inside the service garage were consumed by the fire and totally destroyed, along with tools, fixtures, parts, and support equipment. Reportedly, one truck in the building had an aluminum body that literally melted away. Fortunately, there was no one in the building at the time of the fire. The hot fire was well established by the time the fire teams arrived, but the local volunteer fire departments were able to confine the fire to the main building thus saving adjacent buildings and garages. Much of Sunday was spent extinguishing the various hot spots in the building.

It is clear in today’s busyness one often just assumes the routine, moves about distracted and somewhat self-absorbed. Every day one can drive along a road and everything seemingly remains the same, everything in its place as it was the day before. But seeing the tangled and melted steel beams and the burnt-out shell of a building can jolt and compel the realization what is considered permanence can be gone in an instant. As reported in the Oil City Derrick, “standing in front of the burned-out building of Hovis Truck Service on the day after the fire, co-owner Nancy Hovis thoughts went back to the previous week, when her and Tom went to three funeral homes for visitation”, “This is nothing. When you lose someone they are gone. That is a good perspective,” she said.

Though it is a staggering loss the Hovis family is already about rebuilding, heartened by the support of the community, business associates, and friends. The Hovis family sees this as an opportunity to reset and reorganize that will bring the business back better than ever.

Everyone at Hovis Truck Service has been proactive since the fire and now has a temporary office in place and ready for use. Hovis Truck Service can take calls at 724-867-5812 and 724-867-2386.

With multiple buildings on the property, all of the Hovis’s familiar big yellow, white and red, tow, swivel, and boom rescue trucks were spared from the fire so they are ready for the call to service. (Photo above/below.)

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