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How To Cook A Turkey - By ACV 1st Graders - Mrs. Fox's Class

How to Cook a Turkey

By Mrs. Fox’s

First Grade Class

A-C Valley

First,Take it’s feathers off. 

Next, You put it in the oven

Then, Cook it for 10 or 15 minutes. 

Last, You take it out of the oven and eat it.

By: Ben

First, You go to the farmers market and buy it. 

Next, Put it in a big pan and then put it in the oven. Make the oven really hot. 

Then, Cook for 15 minutes or so. 

Last, Eat it. 

By: Joe

First, I will bie a trckie.

Next, I will wosh it.

Then,  I will cook it for 6 awrse.

Last,I will share with familie.

By: Brook

First, I wood shoot it the turkey

Next, I will put it on a pan for 1 hour

Last, Seth mom grandma Row  Gavin ava sage

By: Cash

First, You get it at the stor.

Next, Cook it 10 hours in the ovn.

Then, Put it on a plat.

Last, Eat it with mom dad broc emme. 

By: Emme

First, You pyt stuffing in it .

Next, Thne you put it in thd ovon.

Then, You get it reidy to eat .

Last, you eat it.

By: Connor

First, You kill it.

Next, You pluck off his feathers.

Then, You wash it.

Last, Then you put it in the oven.

By: McKinley

First, You hunt for turkey in the woods.

Next, You cook it.

Then, You leve it in the oven for an hour.

Last, I will share it with my familey.

By: Hannah

First, Go sot a turkey

Next, Git the fevrs off

Then, Pot it in a pan coc 40 secins.

Last, I wil sar wit Lyric

By: Donnie

First, U haf to go hunting for the trkey.

Next, Then kut the feters off.

Then, U hav to bil it in a pot.

Last,  U serv it to your famle.

By: Tanner

First, You get a turkey frum a frrm.

Next, Clen a turkey an pll the guss aut

Then, Put the turkey in the bid pot 4 55 minis.

Last, I will shar with Mom and dad and wyatt and gigi and pipi thas it.

By: Josie

First,Clean the turkey.

Next, Put it in the oven. 

Then, Wait for it to cook in the oven. 

Last, We sit down to eat the turkey.

By: Donald 

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