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How to Cook a Turkey - By Mrs. Pennington’s 1st Grade Class at ACV Elementary


First, put the turkey in a bag of salt. Next, chop it up.

Then, put ketchup on the turkey. Last, cook the turkey and eat it.


First, you cook it for 20 mins in the stov. Next, you put singing on it then you wat. Then, its omost dun.

Last, its dun then you eat it.


First, you go git a turkey.

Next, you poot the turkey in the uvin. Then, you cool the turkey daln.

Last, you eat your tukey.


First, you biy it ot the sory.

Next, you pit sein uon trke.

Then, you kook in the uvin.

Last, uyou a eat.


First, kut a hle. Next, stuf krn and rics or buying. (stuff corn and rice or onion)

Then, you pot it in the uvin. Last, tac it aolt uv the uvin.


First, buy the turkey at the store. Next, buy salt and yummy stuff. Then, put it in the oven for 10 minutes.

Last, wait, then eat it!


First, were susp to pit sesunen on the trce. (We’re supposed to put seasoning on the turkey)

Next, we can tac it and poot pepr and git solt on it.

Then, Pot it noo il pot shoogr on it. (I put sugar on it) Last, then we pot it in the uven and et it four dnr aftr we het it up.


First, take it home. Next, cook it in the microwave for 1 minute. Then, cut it. Last, eat it, and then eat steak.


First, you put pepr on the trcy. Next, you put lemn seesing on the trcy.

Then, you put the trcy in the uvin for 20 minis.

Last, you et it.


First, you cut it and then you poot it in a bag.

Neext, you poot it in wotr and you jri it. Then, you poot it in the uvin.

Last,you poot it on the tabl and you et it.


First, yer coc it. Next, you pot in the uvin and you wat.

Then, you pot sezin then you wt to codan. (You put seasoning on it then you wait for it to cool down). Last, you et it.


First, you poot the trceeuy in the uvin. Next, you waet for ten minis. Then, you pool it out uv the uvin. Last, you can aet it.


First, you poot a turkey in the stov. Next, you cook it for 20 mint. Then, you put stot on the turkey. Last, you eat a turkey.


First, you put the turkey in the uvin.

Next, you tac a spashula and flip it. Then, you wat 5 minis. Last, you et it.


First, you pot it in the poon. (put it in the pan)

Next, you opin ouv the uvn. (open the oven) Then, yo pot it the in uvi. (put it in the oven) Last, you et it.


First, you git a trke.

Next, you kok the trke.

Then, you tak the trke out the ovoin. Last, you etit.


First, you put the turkey in the ovin. Next, you take a turkey thermomiter and put it in the turkey. Then, you stuff it with stuffing. Last, you eat it.


First, you git a pan.

Next, you put the trke on the pan. Then, you put the trke in the uvinu.

Last, then you eut the trke.


First, you cuk a trkey.

Next, poy ow pot sezig. (put seasoning on it). Then, you tak it i ub thu uvin. (take it out of the oven) Last, you et the trke.

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