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In Loving Memory of Lisa Morgan and Keith Morgan

Lisa D. Morgan

3-15-1968 to 7-10-91


Keith A. Morgan

5-23-86 to 7-10-91


Auto accident

Foxburg-Emlenton Road.


I talked to God today.

Wasn’t sure what to say.

Asked why you two were taken away.

31 years have passed

since that fatal day.

Daughters and grandsons are

not supposed to go away.

God must have needed a few

angels in the sky that summer day.

We guess we will never understand why

our hearts are still empty

after all the years that have passed.

We will always miss

you two ‘till our time

on earth is through.


Sadly Missed by,

Mother & Grandmother Lola Morgan

Sisters & Aunts, Rosa Wolfe, Mary Mays (Ganss), Chrysta Hovis

Daughter & Sister,

Bobbie Jo Lowers

Son & Brother,

Joseph Morgan

Grandson & Nephew,

Rider Morgan

Granddaughter & Niece, Laci Sybert

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