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In Loving Memory Of Our Loved Ones Laid to Rest in 2022 - Group 4

Nancy L. Blauser

George Rea

Most Reverend Donald W. Trautman, Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Erie

Robert W. “Bob” Gifford Sr.

David Edward Kepple

Shirley L. Barnhart

Jeannette N. McCollough

Amy Christine Parks

Virginia Joyce Gibson

Gale R. Hillwig Bradley

Paul Ronald Brewer

Barry “BJ” J. Page

James T. “Ted” Ace

Christine Ann Williams Schweinsberg

Todd Allan Barger

Kurt “Grady” Allen Maihle

Ronald L. “Ron” Miller

Robert L. Ealy

Karen J. Shirey

Cynthia Faye Emery

Charles Walter “Chuck” Marsh, Jr.

Shirley Violet Blauser

Joe Tommy Hodgin

Mary Belle Stephens Matthews

Kathy Savage

Charles Walter “Chuck” Marsh, Jr.

LaVonne Shively Jack

Glen A. Craig

Jennie Leona Forsythe

Nathan A. Weaver

Lawrence R. “Larry”

Furey, Jr.

Pearle R. Claypoole

Evylen May Warner

Jamie Todd “Gomer” Pyle

Dennis P. Sloan

Eugene “Gene” Yough

Scott A. Salser

Homer Dean Merwin

Dana L. Myers

Mary Diane Chambers

John S. Walter

Harold Ronald Goughler

Tracy A. Rhoads

Lynn L. Baker

Constance “Connie” Joyce Weaver

William H. “Bill” Griffiths

Michael J. Stohon

Dorothy J. Barney

Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Ashbaugh (12-30-21)

Tina Marie Wolfe (12-30-21)

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