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Into the Outdoors: Road Killed Deer

Can you see the tree man?

Photo by Jodie Beabout.


Last week, I mentioned the fact that there were three dead deer along the road near to my house. An old friend theorized about the increase in road killed deer. He feels that under-hunting is a big part of the problem. He has something there. But, why is it a problem? There are a number of possible explanations.

One thing is the decline in the number of hunters. As older folks get too old to continue in the sport, there seems to be fewer young hunters to take their places. Game Commission policies, most notably antler restrictions, have also contributed to the decline. Once again, this has been especially felt by older hunters, whose vision isn’t quite what it used to be. Then, my friend raised the issue of posted land. There are, indeed, vast acreages on which the public is not allowed to freely hunt. In some cases, landowners will grant permission to hunt on an individual basis, in order to know who is on their property. This makes perfect sense. Others post their land without being willing to give anyone permission to hunt there. Especially in the case of older hunters, the sudden lack of access to woods they have hunted for many years is enough to make them stay at home.

In some cases, posting is the result of littering, trash dumping and other abuses of the privilege of land use. Others appear to be arbitrary and capricious. Regardless, the land is theirs, and they have the right to do whatever they want with it.

Yay! I saw my first robin of the spring, in a yard in East Brady. That was a really welcome sight. Also, a friend reported hearing the peepers. I haven’t heard them yet, and, being hard of hearing, I will have to be close to them when I do. These tiny frogs make some of the most beautiful music ever. My son also saw a turkey vulture. There was only one, but there will soon be many more. I even saw a night crawler in the church parking lot, and the wild onions, actually chives, are coming up. Spring flowers are also starting to pop up, too.

You know, there are more things to do in the outdoors than hunting, fishing, etc. One of these is photography. East Brady photographer Jodie Beabout has an incredible eye for photo opportunities. Her photo of a tree containing what looks like a man in a black cloak, is truly remarkable. I would never have noticed that. (See photo above) Hopefully, we will be able to feature more of her photos in future columns.

As this is being written, some weather sites are calling for a final arctic blast, complete with some snow. Of course, we still have to get the Easter Storm or, as some call it, the onion snow. I hope we get it over with pretty soon.

Big bobcat in Brady’s Bend.


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