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John M. Karian – Nature Photographer of PA Wetlands and Waterways on Display at The Red Brick Gall

While exploring Foxburg this summer, be sure to stop by the Red Brick Gallery and Gift Shop on Main Street to be inspired by the exhibit of nature photographer John M. Karian, which starts Friday, July 1 and runs weekends through Sunday, August 7 in the upstairs gallery. The exhibit captures John’s intimate knowledge and experience with the Allegheny River, which photos he hopes will illicit an appreciation in his viewers of our natural surroundings. His photographs capture the excitement he has had as a nature photographer, imaging western Pennsylvania’s wetlands and waterways, which he describes as “the natural tapestry which can unfold during a sunrise or a sunset.  It is at these times that LIGHT can both define and mystically transform the Allegheny River, its streams and wetlands.” “The Heavens declare the Glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handiwork” Psalm 19:1

Enjoy a Meet the Artist wine and cheese reception from 4–6 PM on Sunday, July 31 in the Upstairs Gallery of the Red Brick following the 2:00 PM ARCA concert in Lincoln Hall featuring theatre organist Dennis James. James will be performing Wurlitzer Plus Wonders not only on the McKissick Mighty Wurlitzer but also the Steinway piano and a glass armonica.

Known to the region for his many years as a honored and trusted physician, John M. Karian spent his childhood around, on, and in the Allegheny River.  Living three hundred feet from its banks in Franklin, Pennsylvania, and grew to enjoy its diverse seasonal character.  

“These river shores have witnessed the cries of newborn Native Americans snuggled on their mother’s backs during regional sojourns . . .the agonal laments of wounded combatants in the French and Indian Wars . . . a young Major George Washington listening to Christmas carols sung in 1753 from a military encampment along the Allegheny at French Creek. . . the ‘hooray’ of oil-seeking ‘wildcat’ drillers . . . the clanking of barrels and logs as they were floated south to Pittsburgh during the Industrial Revolution. . . and now the serene, foggy mornings which witness the pterodactyl-like sweep of the Great Blue Heron, and the majestic soaring of the Bald Eagle.” His website is

The Red Brick Gallery and Gift Shop is located at 17 Main Street in Foxburg. The 2022 Red Brick Gallery hours are Fridays, 1-6 PM, Saturdays, 11–7 PM, and Sundays, 12 noon–5 PM. For more information:

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