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Karns City Regional Ambulance Service Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Karns City Ambulance Ambulance Service vehicles as Life Flight helicopter takes off.

Pictured left to right: Dave Fennell-KC Regional Ambulance Employee; Mike Riley-KC Regional Board Member-Treasurer-Chicora Hose Company Representative; Keith Cousins-KC Boro Council Representative; Michelle Fennel-KC Regional Ambulance Employee-Administration; Vern Smith-KC Regional Board Member-President; Marci Mustello-State Representative; Kandi Nassy-KC Regional Board Member-Secretary; Amy McConnell-KC Regional Commander; Kevin Heasley-KC Regional Co-Commander; Joseph Malinski-KC Regional Employee; Nancy Brice-KC Regional Board Member-Employee; Mark Laurer-KC Regional Board Member.


The Karns City Regional Ambulance Service held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, October 13, 2021, in celebration of their new Ambulance. The new ambulance unit replaces their 2010 model that has been a maintenance problem. The ceremony was held at the Karns City Borough Building with staff and board members participating. See photo above.

The new unit is a 2021 Ford E-350 with a GenT ambulance module. While the KSRAC predecessors of Petrolia Fire Dept and Chicora Fire Dept gave them two reliable units, the time had come to replace one of the units due to maintenance costs. Although this unit is slightly smaller than the previous unit they were able to place all required items onto the new unit, including some items that were not required for licensure, but are nice to have for treatment purposes. While they already had the majority of these items, we did have to purchase some new equipment in order to meet requirements imposed by the Department of Health. Much of equipment on hand was able to be retrofitted to meet the new requirements.

The Karns City Regional Ambulance Service (KSRAS) serves northern Butler County and surrounding residents. Primary service area includes Petrolia, Fairview, Bruin, Chicora Boroughs, along with Donegal, Fairview, Washington with portions of Concord and Parker Townships. If you didn’t get their mailer earlier, you can still become a subscriber to their service by contacting them at 724-756-4710 and a form will be mailed to you.

Funding for the new unit came from private grants and money borrowed from the Armco Credit Union. KSRAS is also exploring options for donations and fundraisers to help offset the costs of a new ambulance, but also the daily operational costs. KSRAS is currently renting space from the Petrolia Fire Dept. to house their units, but they would like to have their own facility.

The KSRAS has a great working relationship with Life Flight out of Pittsburgh. They support each other with their professional services. As you can see in the top photo, Life Flight was able to make a brief stop in support of their celebration. They also have other area air medical providers as well. The option of having the air medical allows them, and other small services like us, to transfer care to them so the patient has access to a higher level of care while they are transported to Pittsburgh area hospitals, while letting our ambulance remain in the area so they can continue to provide emergency medical service to area residents.

The Karns City Regional Ambulance Service is a paid volunteer service. There are 8 to 15 volunteers that cover shifts and two full-time employees. Currently KCRAS have approximately eight paramedics, one advanced EMT, and approximately 12 EMTs on staff.

The ambulance service board sends out a big thank you to all their supporters, employees and municipal representatives.

KSRAS regularly posts updates on their facebook page regarding weather, as well as local events and current issues with our service. Facebook: @Karns City Regional Ambulance Service

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