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Karns City Youth Give Back To Community

Hunter Dunlap &

Emma Ellenberger


There really isn’t a better place to call home than a small town.  Hunter Dunlap and Emma Ellenberger, both Seniors, graduating from Karns City High School this year learned just what “community” means this past weekend. 

Hunter and Emma both belong to the National Honor Society, a nation-wide organization for high school students who demonstrate leadership among their peers, are academically sound, are known for their respectable character and serve others to better the community.  As part of their National Honor Society Senior project, Hunter and Emma were tasked to raise awareness or funds for a cause they believe to be important for our community; they chose to raise money for the American Legion in East Brady. 

The American Legion Post 488 is known for their support for our local veterans; honoring those who sacrificed their life for our freedom is near and dear to the hearts of these two young adults.  Hunter and Emma chose to hold a double elimination corn hole tournament to raise funds for their cause. 

They were quite surprised at the amount of support and teams entered from our community.  It was refreshing to see people gathering together after the last few years of this pandemic.  The games played on for hours, as did the laughter. While these two young people believed they were serving the community, the community served them a dose irreplaceable hometown love. 

The money raised far exceeded their expectation, which can only be credited to the kindness and spirit of giving from the people in this little town. We live in a community full of people who would rather give than take.

The Legion and its members were more than accommodating and supportive of Hunter and Emma, including use of the facility, assisting with food preparation and participation in the 50/50 raffle and tournament event.

   While there was a first, second, and third place cornhole winner and a 50/50 winner; each winner chose to donate their winnings back to the cause – to help our local veterans through the American Legion Post 488. 

What an amazing display of community, serving others, and generosity. No matter where Hunter, Emma and any other graduating senior go, We hope they always remember there is no place like home in a small town.     

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