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Kepple Completes 4th Edition of Callensburg History

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Arnold Kepple, of Callensburg, was able to complete the 4th edition of his Callensburg Borough and Licking Township Clarion County Pennsylvania History. Oddly, book four starts on page number 1206. That’s because book three ended with page 1205. Each book starts after the previous versions ending page number, except book one of course.

Although Keeple did not intend to author a fourth book, interesting articles and photos kept falling into his lap. He realised that there were more interesting people in Callensburg that he wanted to interview. With all of that he couldn’t resist, so book four began to emerge. He completed the book in 2020 and had Staab Typograhic in Emlenton, print the book for him.

His first book was published in 1976 and combined with the other three books there is 1416 pages of Callensburg & Licking Township history. Book four itself has 209 pages with 1300 names in the index and over 400 pictures.

You will read stories about Indian Artifacts, prison life, ministry, the glass plant works, farming, the Amish, airplanes, the fire company, tree trimming and family history.

The book sells for $15 and can be purchased at the following libraries: Foxburg, Knox, New Bethehem, and Rimersburg. The book is also available at Emery’s Store in Callensburg.

For more information about the book, you can contact Arnold Kepple at 814-358-2769.

This is a must buy book for anyone with the first three books and area historians.

Arnold’s other book’s beside the four books on Callensburg, include: Wings Over Clarion County, Scenes of Nature in Clarion County, More Scenes of Nature in Clarion County, Twenty-six missions over Nazi Germany, The Class of ‘57 Had Their Dreams and 50 Years-Callensburg-Licking Township Volunteer Fire Company.


Photo above: From “Callensburg A Small Community”, 4th edition, some of the Indian relics collection of Carl Black.


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