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Kevin E. Boozel Announces Candidacy for Butler County Commissioner

Kevin E. Boozel, M.S. is pleased to announce his candidacy for 2023 Butler County Commissioner election.

“It is truly my honor to serve the residents of Butler County!”, said Boozel. As a proven leader that gets things done, Boozel continues to be more strategic than reactive. He has vision, strategic planning skills and offers multiple perspectives on issues that are often overlooked.

Post-election, you may recall the “THANK YOU!” signs Boozel personally placed on his large campaign signs all over Butler County. Boozel remains extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve you. He has honored your trust and your vote with RESULTS! Boozel has worked very hard to ensure integrity, dignity, and honor in his office.

Boozel, 51, hails from Mercer Township, where he served more than a decade as Firefighter/EMS services. He has successfully completed the CCAP – County Commissioners Assoc. of PA Center Excellence in County Leadership, CCAP Academy for Excellence in County Government programs, NACO – National Assoc. of Counties NACo High Performance Leadership Academy; that have complimented his Master’s Degree from Geneva in Organizational Leadership. Boozel is a lifelong learner and educator.

Boozel continues to serve on many boards, including local advisory boards for Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Workforce Investment Board, Community Development Corporation, Butler County Salary Board Retirement Board, and Prison Board. Boozel serves on several statewide roles and Governor appointments including CCAP Board, CCAP Chairman of Policy and Resolutions Committee, PA Opioid Trust Board, PA Geospatial Board, NACO Economic Development and member of the NACO – Opioid Committee. Boozel continues his home civic activities to include service on Butler AM Rotary Board that recently completed the two year project “First Responders Memorial” to honor all fallen heroes and the families that support those that serve us.

Together we continue to “Build a Better Butler, and Beyond” that is stronger, more resilient, financially sound, and competitive. Boozel is proud to have worked collaboratively with multiple teams to obtain Millions upon Millions of dollars to be infused directly into the county infrastructure and will continue to benefit all residents for decades to come.

Several millions have been earmarked specifically for rural portions of the county as well as the southern freight corridor. Butler County can be proud of the positive changes, hard work, and cooperative County government that are sometimes uncommon amongst federal and state governments.

“I have kept my promises to limit the cost of government and keep undue tax burden off the backs of our residents, while maintaining a strong/quality workforce,” Boozel said. “My strategic investments have ensured a well maintained capital program and dramatically reduced a long list of deferred maintenance with zero tax increases over the past seven years. I have and will continue to promote job growth, energy development, essential infrastructure with all municipalities, and enhancing the tourism opportunities; such as CanAm 2024 that I assisted Tourism to secure nearly two years ago. It will always cost money to provide necessary services to a community, but I remain committed to doing it as fiscally responsible as possible.” Part of Boozel’s commitment to being an ambassador to Butler County is his “Coffee with Kevin” spotlight interviews of businesses, organizations, special efforts and candidates.

There is still more to do. Boozel ran for office to ensure that decision makers aren’t incapacitated by polarized personalities/politics. His office has ensured that people have a voice that can be heard; thus providing residents with the best representation.

Boozel is a 1989 graduate of Butler High School, completed an Organizational Leadership degree from Geneva College, graduate studies in counseling from Slippery Rock University, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Indiana University of PA and an Associates Degree from Butler Community College where he continues to serve on the Alumni Council and received the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Boozel, a lifelong resident of Butler and his wife of 30 years, Renee are proud new Grandparents of Beau, son of Staff Sgt. Zachory and Marie Boozel serving in the Air Force. Sgt. Colton and Kia Boozel continue to reside in Texas after 4 years of service in the Army.

With your continued support and vote, Commissioner Boozel will humbly continue to “Build a Better Butler, and Beyond!”

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