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Knox/Edenburg Collection is Ready For Knox Horsethief Days

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The Knox/Edenburg Collection is rolling of the presses and will be ready for sale at the Knox Horsethief Days on Saturday, August 20th. The Knox/Edenburg Collection is the 5th in a series from Kevin Beichner, “KB”, local author from the Clarion area, and a 1975 Keystone High School graduate.

Cover of the

Knox/Edenburg Collection.


The book is a collection of over 450 historical photographs, postcards, advertisements, maps, newspaper clippings and more from the Knox and Edenburg area. The book will walk you through the streets of Knox reminiscing of times gone by. You’ll discover what businesses lined Main Street in the early days. You’ll read about the historic homes and what prominent family occupied those homes, and perhaps, who lives there now.

This collection will also have historical and recent photos of organizations, such as the Knox Fire Department and some of their older fire trucks. You’ll learn about the Knox Glass Bottle Company and some of the businesses that emerged because of the glass plant.

Do you remember where the Knox Theatre was located? Do you know what business occupies that building now? If not, you may be pleasantly surprised when you learn what prominent business is there today.

There were numerous car dealerships located in the Knox area. Find out what building on Main Street housed the Edenburg Motor Company and what business is there now. Find out what business Wayne “Barney” Kahle opened in 1936.

Other points of interest in the book are the churches of Knox, iron furnaces, railroads running thru Knox, neighboring oil boom towns and photos of historic memorabilia. This just might be the best book in the collection of KB Publications. It’s a great way to learn about the Knox/Edenburg area.

KB expressed his gratitude to the community. He said, “I appreciate all of the support from the people that shared photos and information. I am excited about the release of the book!”

Other books in the KB Publications collection include: A Clarion County Collection; A Clarion County Collection II; A Fryburg Collection; and Shippenville 125 Years.

Stop by on Saturday, August 20th and get your copy during the Main Street Sales at Knox Horsethief Days.

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