Letter To the Editor

Dear Sir,

I am disheartened that last week’s issue of The Progress News became an outlet for political opinions and attitudes. I am referring to the letter regarding the profanity flying on flags in both St Petersburg and Foxburg. The objection that the neighbors and residents have about the flags has little or nothing to do with politics. It’s more about respect and decency.

Every student in our school district passes by one of those flags every day on their way to and from school. The lesson learned by our kids when reading those flags isn’t about politics or freedom of speech. As the students read those every day on their way to school, would that not give them unspoken permission to use that term on their teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, or other students? The word is so profane that The Progress News won’t even publish the full spelling of the word.

I am not suggesting that the conservative thinkers be submissive or docile. I am asking them to teach decency and respect in reference to our freedom of speech. Voice their political opinions without using one of the most profane words in our English language. Express their political opinions in a more positive and decent manner especially when they are publicly displayed for all to see.

Trish Shanafelt

Foxburg, Pa.

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