Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have lived in the Emlenton area my whole life and have been lucky enough to have the men and women of this community serve in the volunteer services of the Emlenton VOLUNTEER Fire Department and the Emlenton Area Ambulance Service.

It saddens me to read posts on Facebook, posted by our Mayor, that our firemen and their service is nothing but a Socialist organization.

For as far back as I can remember there have been men, and women, who have given of their time, and talents, to provide Emlenton and the surrounding areas, with these services. We are talking generations of men, sons and grandsons.

Harry Larimore was one of our first Fire Chiefs, followed by a long list of men that donated hours of their time. Just to name a few of the men: “Scrooge” Weller, Bill McQuiston, Bob Donaldson, J. Lloyd Beals, H.R. Grieff, Kenny McDade, Kenny Geiser, Bob Grieff, the senior and junior high school students when the high school was still in Emlenton, Ron Larimore, Dale Edwards, Richard Eskew, Matt McQuiston, Barry Louise, Brady Louise, Dave Whitehill, Pat Lowery, Dennis Sloan and too many others to mention. I know l have forgotten many and do not mean to leave anyone out, but these came to mind. These men have left a legacy for the rest of us.

These men, and women, have put their lives at risk hundreds of times. And if you doubt this, ride with them sometime when they answer a call on the interstate. They respond for lift assists, river rescues, etc., and this man who is bashing them makes it sound like he is speaking for the entire community. He is not. Nothing could be further from the truth and I hope that after reading this you would take the time to tell our firemen and women, and our ambulance crews how much they are appreciated and how lucky we are to have them. l wonder how many times our Mayor has left his dinner table, a family birthday party, gotten up in the middle of the night to go to an accident on the Interstate or assisted the ambulance on a call.

I hope he soon quits posting things on Facebook under the guise of being the Mayor of Emlenton, and supposedly speaking for its citizens and just posts what he feels. This bashing of our services needs to stop. NOW!

Susan Terwilliger

Community Manager Bridgeview Apartments

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