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Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor:

On January 4, 2022, Michelle Davis schooled us readers on the faults of a man exercising his free speech and a newspaper that would allow it.

I would challenge anyone to show me a decade in American history of which this great country had zero turbulent times. Throughout our history man has shared differing opinions through the press. Because one doesn’t agree with another is absolutely no reason to stymie speech. Because one lives in fear is no reason to stymie speech. When an eighty-five year old Marine shares his thoughts in the newspaper, the political correct wish to shut him down, suggesting he is a terrorist.

I suspect more people know Pistol Pete than Pete Hasenflu in these parts. Had P. Diddy wrote that letter, would she have insisted Sean Combs signed it? Her concern of who actually wrote that letter might have easily lead one to think she were the potential terrorists or harasser, by her own standards. Perhaps that’s why she didn’t state where she is from? Her desire to insult the intelligence and integrity of a newspaper that would allow such open dialog as “free speech” is concerning to me; i.e. The Pravda, (Russian:“Truth”) newspaper that was the official organ of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from (1918 to 1991) according to

Pete Hasenflu is obviously emotional about understanding God. Since January 22, 1972 over 60 million babies have been slaughtered in the womb. A.k.a. Pistol Pete received his initials in front of his name as a result of this author’s emotional letter. Congrats Pete, in a freedom loving nation, people throw themselves in the ring every time they open their mouths. Only inspiring activists will be hard pressed to find a cause that lacks discord. When Margaret Sanger was promoting abortion as a means to help the poor and helpless expecting mothers, she had no regard for the poor helpless infant in their mother’s womb. Besides the slaughtering, on the average of 400-500 live births per year resulted from failed/botched abortions, according to the CDC. Look up Melissa Ohden (, learn this woman’s story.

Yeah, these turbulent times have me thanking God for good people like a.k.a Pistol Pete. I am grateful he wrote that letter and also grateful our hometown newspaper published both of their letters.

The U.S.A., like N. Korea and China (both Communist countries) allow elective abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It sounds like Mr. Hasenflu is on to something? That old Marine from the land of the Saints wrote “Ammo is too expensive to fire warning shots.” Surely one from the atheist faith would identify with a Christian soldier that was possibly inspired by God to send a shot across the bow. God fearing people are not threatened by free speech, communists are.

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

God Bless

Mike Chechak

St. Petersburg, PA

P.S. Here is hoping there really are not any atheists in a fox hole.

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