Letter to the Editor:

I feel the need to share my view of voting through the lens of Christianity and also to address the fear and suspicion that seems about to overtake us as a nation. I believe the two points are related.

1. One candidate's party is 'Pro-Life' when it comes to abortion and the other supports a woman's right to choose. One candidate's party wants to reduce social programs and the other advocates for all Americans to pitch in to care for our less fortunate and neglected.

Here are my thoughts: I wish I didn't have to choose between pro-life or the reduction of the wealth gap but thats the way it is these days. I believe that my Christian duty is to help the less fortunate people that have been put into my sphere of influence by God to make me a more loving person. Each of us has a sphere of influence and in mine there are far more struggling and neglected people than there are pregnant women considering abortion so I will vote to strengthen social programs and help shrink the wealth gap between the rich and the poor. From a practical standpoint, I believe that raising the baseline quality of life for our poor will ultimately reduce the number of abortions by making raising a family more affordable.

2. Fear. Considering two men: FDR and Donald Trump. Both wealthy men with a lot to lose. Both faced with crisis as president, yet FDR while facing much more dire circumstances had the guts and skills to rally our nation to overcome fear, recognizing that fear is our biggest enemy. The other succumbing to his fears and projecting that onto all of us to the point of near chaos.

Here are my thoughts: There are many verses in Scripture that teach us not to live in fear, so I will vote against the candidate that does. We rebuilt Europe after WW2 and now we balk at investing in our own communities. I believe that we can still be 'WW2 strong' but fear is holding us back. We shouldn't be surprised then if the neglected among us go looking to another system for their rightful dignity.

I believe that our nation will only survive if we can summon the courage to love, accept, and yes SUPPORT those less fortunate who don't look like us, don't live like us, and don't think like us. (A basic Christian tenet) Jesus mentioned nothing about a comfortable retirement being the goal. Love is.

Our system of government prevents single party rule (communism) and I have no fear that our system is going to fail. I only fear the fear that has brought us to the point of losing trust in our system and I fear the loss of the sense of community on display that is helping to prolong the pandemic and social unrest. I love our system (The USA) and resent that our own President has helped foment this distrust. A healthy sense of community IS NOT the same as communism.

Finally, Joe Biden's health issues are well documented. I believe this is actually a plus for him because I am no stranger to serious health problems and the SOLID GOLD sensibilities that grow from them. These sensibilities are a gift from God. Joe Biden will not be a perfect president but I trust him with the most urgent job for any leader: To bring out the best in us instead of the worst.

Bob Augustine

Chicora, Pa

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