Letter to the Editor - Abortion Legality

Proponents for Roe v Wade legitimizing Abortion will be debated and scrutinized very shortly. Many legal challenges against this 1972 law of the land has been thwarted on the basis of “SETTLED LAW”...... quit beating a ‘Dead Horse.” The law has been repeatedly upheld over 5 decades, so let’s not burden our highest court system, and get on with the ‘People’s Business.’

When Roe v Wade was held up in favor of Abortion as a woman’s right, the year was 1972. CAT scans and MRI’s weren’t even thought of. But as all science and technology evolves with time, advances quadruple every 5-7 years. The advent of ultrasound technology in the forms of a Sonogram revolutionized OBGYN physicians toolbox. Couples (as early as the 1980’s) could view (albeit somewhat blurred) their child in uterine.

Fast forward to 2020 comes the dawn of 4-D Ultrasound (in ‘living color’) of a human life in 3-dimension. So refined are its images that a baby’s complete Circulatory System complete with a ‘beating heart’ is displayed right before our eyes at as early as 8 weeks after fertilization.

o fast forward to 2020....Roe v Wade is UNSETTLED SCIENCE. It’s not completely the fault of ignorance from justices in the Supreme Court back 50 years ago. It’s a matter of “New” SETTLED SCIENCE!

Your political stance is not what’s relevant today. We are talking about INJUSTICE far more compelling than ALL the discriminations against Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Red Man, Asians, Irish, Italians and Polish COMBINED....

The taking of totally helpless, innocent lives (60,000,000 people). Stalin and Hitler killed 11,000,000 collectively.

Abortion is not just UNSETTLED SCIENCE, it’s UNSETTLING.

Ken Maleski

Emlenton, PA

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