Letter To The Editor - An Energy Independent Nation

“I like how President Biden is trying to work as fast as he can to beat this virus. But what I don’t like is what he is doing to our energy industry. An “Energy Independent Nation” is a SAFE, STRONG NATION. So, here’s my analysis as one who worked in the electric distribution industry 37 years, and served 12 years on a national energy efficiency board:

The current federal administration quickly and assertively is moving the ball forward to eliminate fossil fuel use in America. It says that America (4% of the world’s population) uses 20% of the world’s energy. The administration is using a megaphone to prepare us to move away as fast as they can take us from fossil fuel use. I APPRECIATE their transparency =ØMÜ

Joining the Paris Accord is another clarion call.

YET, let’s look at facts (these are neither Democratic or Republican, just the facts):

- Of all the countries in the Paris Accord, USA is far ahead in carbon reduction than other countries because Big Business gets the job done cleanly. China and Russia are spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as fast as we are eliminating it.

- Elon Musk (Tesla) is a genius in battery & fuel cell technology, the KEY to using Renewable Energy in replacing ALL fossil fuels. But we are not there yet. Think of the billions of vehicle batteries out in the environment now, and we will now be quadrupling that number with more batteries.

Solar is better than wind in power generation because it’s striking the earth but output is NEVER constant like natural gas or coal. Arizona or other western states have 300 full sunshine days. The Northeast Corridor (50 million people) and uses 35 - 40% of the nation’s energy, yet averages only 80 days of full sunshine. The real estate necessary to house an army of lithium batteries to serve the northeast will be economically destructive to purchase land, build and finance.

Then there are replacement costs after 7-9 years. And who wants a ”battery field” in their backyard.

Until we secure battery field areas, build and install these fuel cell zones, we cannot afford to begin eliminating fossil fuel power plants that can be counted upon to ”reliably” deliver power when the sun does not shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

Our region is sitting on one of the world’s largest natural gas plays in the world. Shell Energy would not have chosen to build the Monaca, PA Cracker plant in our area if our region was not so endowed and bless with this natural resource. And the “LIFE BLOOD” of American happiness is Not “ free health care” or “free college” or another Stimulus Check. 

It’s JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. Why dismantle our energy infrastructure within one of America’s weakest economic periods since    the Great Depression by starting all over to build a “new” renewable energy infrastructure that requires aid from fossil fuels and a well-designed and functioning energy network). We are creating multiple jobs in the natural gas industry. We can’t just remove them from the profession they are well-trained, then spend more resources, money and time re-training them in a relatively short time period in understanding a renewable energy generation industry.

PLASTICS . . . Everything we own is made of plastic. Our cars are 50% plastic. Guess what plastic is made from . . . natural gas & oil . . . haha! Those Tesla cars and trucks can operate so fuel-efficient because of light-weight plastics that will be needed far into the future.

Major pipeline builder (Michels) have already halted construction of a major “new” pipelines in our region because of Biden’s move to both shutdown the Keystone Pipeline and stop releasing permits for energy exploration on federal lands.

So what’s the SHORT ANSWER . . . “If God didn’t want us to use natural gas and oil He wouldn’t have placed it in great abundance and have it BURN SO DAMN GOOD!”

Thanks for listening,

Ken Maleski, Emlenton, Pa.

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