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Letters to Santa - 2nd Grade Class: A-C Valley

Mrs. Caldwell’s

2nd Grade Class: A-C Valley

Dear Santa,

Hooray, it’s Christmas time. This year for Christmas I would like to have a new girl puppy and things like clothes, a girl collar and toys for her. My bike is too small for me. I would like a new bike like my dads. I am also hoping that Santa thinks I am old enough this year to get my own phone. I really really want an I phone 11. I think I’m old enough. I hope the reindeer have been practicing so they can fly the sleigh to my house. Please thank the elves for making all the presents for everyone. I hope you have a Holly Jolly Christmas this year, Santa Claus.



Dear Santa

Hi! I am so excited for Christmas! I am so happy to get toys and eat a feast. Hope you are staying warm and cozy. I will have cookies and milk for you!



Dear Santa,

How are you ? I have been a good girl. I help my mom and dad. I want a new bike and a baby doll for Christmas. I will leave you some cookies.



Dear Santa

Hi Santa,

Can I have some treats for my animals please.

I would like some pretty shoes and a tablet.

I have been working hard at school.

I am going do something nice for my brother.

I love you,


Leddi Ann

Dear Santa,

I want a ipod 2. I want lots of gymnastic equipment. I also would like a sled for just myself so my brothers dont fight over it also a new brbie



Dear Santa,

How are you? For Christmas this year I would like a hoverboard. I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I love you. Thank you.



Dear, santa

I have a wish and i want lots of things. Please get the following items! vr mario cart live and other stuff. and my wish i heard you are magical. But i have a deal. i will give you a giftcard aslong as you fufill my wish. make gummy a real monkey that protects me. a deals a deal i guess. And another gift card if you give me a wish book. that fufills my wish if i have a wish please like i said a deals a deal. And i want roblox piggy merch



Dear Santa all I wan‘t for X-mas is my 2 front teeth.


Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. I want a new xbox controller and a skateboard.


Bentley Ruth

Dear santa

I would like to tell you Merry Christmas. If I could see you at my house Christmas eve. I will leave you a plate of cookies. My sister and I love you. We like everything you bring us.

Love, Myeles

Dear Santa,

I have ben rele good this year way betr than my sisdrs. I wod like a lol remix doll for crismus. I hope you have a good crismus


Brooklyn Griebel

Dear, Santa

I was good this year. I want a baby Yoda, Mandalorian, a new woody doll and the buzz lightyear. I would like a jessie doll becasue i have never had one.

I will leave some cookies for you and carrots for the reindeer.



Dear Santa,

I have been playing my video game a lot so I was way too busy to get into trouble. I would say I was good. I would like a video game for Christmas. I will leave you cookies and milk for the presents. I would really like all the presents I had on my list. Thank you!

Luke Hall

Dear santa

I want baby doll cribs and beds for my baby nursery and i want baby alive  dolls see you soon

Love bella

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