Letters To Santa - Mrs. Quaill’s 2nd Grade Classat A-C Valley

Mrs. Quaill’s 2nd Grade Class

at A-C Valley

Dear Santa

What is your favorite food? Mine is a taco.



To:santu can you get me a stuft cat.


Dear santa

I would like a new computer. Thank you for the gifts last year and the year before.


Nikoela ojeda

Dear Santa,

Hello. How are you and the elves? I want lots of toys. Are the elves making lots of toys?

I will leave you lots of cookies and milk and will leave carrots for the reindeer. Do you come down the chimney or in the door?


Layton Pollock

For Santa,

This christmas i would like a toy dog, a dog bed, a dog leash and a dog blanket. I would like four cat leashes and four cat collars. I would also like four cat beds, four cat blankets and four cat pillows. I would also like an american girl doll. Thank you and happy, safe travels.



Deer santa,

I need to no why i don’t have an elf all my friends have elfs this is not a comeplante its just a question.


Dear Santa,

I know I have not been very good, but please bring presents. Here are some things I want: an omg doll and a roblox card. How many elves do you have? How old are you? Why do you live in the North Pole?

From yours truly,


Dear Santa

Please bring me and my sister lots of presents. Could you bring my mom and dad presents too.



Dear santa

How are you doing? I am doing fine. Can I please have a dino toy?

And a pokemon toy?