Locals helping with the face mask shortage to adi medical workers.

Pictured here is Wendy Stohon, sewing face masks because of the shortage.


Locals helping with the face mask shortage to aid medical workers Wendy Stohon, of College Street in Emlenton, started to make face masks right after she was laid-off from work because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wendy said that she knew her friend in Leeper was making and donating face masks, so she jumped right in and started to help out by making her own too. Wendy is now nearing her 100th completed mask. Wendy, and several others, purchase their own materials and donate the completed product to the Clarion Hospital. When the hospital receives the masks, they are then washed and sterilized, using the hospitals equipment. Wendy noted that there seems to be a shortage of the elastic for the masks, as it’s getting harder to find. If anyone can donate some of these materials you can call Wendy at 435-650-5190 or Deb Kapp-Beasley at 814-221-8752. Pictured above is Wendy at home as she is sews another mask with her sewing machine.

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