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Looking for Tips on How To Cook A Turkey? Mrs. Bashline’s First Grade Class - A-CV

Mrs. Bashline’s First Grade Class

A-C Valley Elementary


First, trn the ovin on.

Next, git oll uv the suv.

Then, git it ut.

Last, et it.


First, kela a turkey.

Next, peut it en the uvin.

Then, kurk it for a wyll.

Last, et it.


First, I wode git it at womrt.

Next, I wode sesin it.

Then, I wode ckuk it.

Last, I wode et it



First, bi it.

Next, cook it.

Then, sufign it.

Last, et.  


First, you ned a pot.

Next, you ned to find a turkey.

Then, you ned too get a lat.

Last, you ned too set it on the tabl.


First, rip the skin off.

Next, pepr sos on the turkey.

Then, cook the turkey.

Last, at t.


First, boochr the trce.

Next, sed it.

Then, cooc it.

Last, et it.


First, kut it up.

Next, cooc it.

Then, sesin.

Last, et it.


First, we will git the trce oat.

Next, we wil git the pot and pan.

Then, we wil bac the trce.

Last, we wil git the trc oat.


First, get it out.

Next, cok it.

Then, stuf it.

Last, et it.


First, you get a turcky.

Next, you let it cool down.

Then, you coock it and put spies on it.

Last, you see if needs enythang and eat it.  


First, hut it.

Next sutf it.

Then, kik for 25 mins.

Last, et it.


First, you go to get a trcke at teh staur.

Next, you git the trce and get the tabl rd fo the pepl.

Then,you eb it wef your famle.

Last you clen up.

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