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Looking for Tips on How To Cook A Turkey? Mrs. Pennington’s First Grade - ACV

Mrs. Pennington’s First Grade Turkey Recipes

A-C Valley Elementary


First, get a frosin turkey.

Next, you coock it.

Then, you get senuning and sprincl it on yor turkey.

Last, you eat.


First, I biy a turkey.

Next, Kuk et and tak ta wubn.

Then, sesin with sot and pepr and hot suf.

Last, I eat it.


First, get a trke.

Next, brtr it.

Then, kuc it.

Last, put the trke in the uvin and eat.


First, get the tercey.

Next, cook the tercey.

Then, let it col oof.

Last, eat it.


First, put in the uvin.

Next, tac it antun the unv.

Then, un cot it.

Last, u ete it.


First, git the trkey.

Next, cuk the trkey.

Then, put it on a plat.

Last, all uf you eat the trkey.


First, get a trke.

Next, cuk it in the uvin,

Then, Get it aut of the uvin.

Last, put it on a plat then eat it.


First, cech the turkey.

Next, cook it.

Then, take it aoot.

Last, aet it.


First, bi the turkey.

Next, cook the turkey.

Then, eat the turkey.

Last, the trkey is all gon.


First, git the turkey from the star.

Next, go to koc it at hom.

Then, tac it out uv the uvin.

Last, you slis then you pud it on plat then you et it.


First, get a trkey.

Next, sot and pepr it.

Then, poit on the uvin.

Last, eat.


First, get a fozen trke.

Next, krek ik.

Then, wett to it kor.

Last, eat in.


First, kuk the trkey.

Next, put lids.

Then, put brbqw.

Last, you e it.


First, you cook it.

Next, you poot it in a uvin.

Then, tac it awt.

Last, eat it.

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