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Lydia Seaton - A-C Valley High School 2020 Graduates Profile - A weekly series

Lydia Seaton


Lydia plans to attend BC3 in Butler and study her gen. Eds. and eventually transfer to finish a bachelor’s Degree at another college. She says she will go where the wind blows her, but she hopes to be in Barcelona!

Her most memorable moment in High School was when she got a special Christmas stocking from my favorite teachers.

When asked, how have you changed since freshman year, she said that she has gotten cooler, she hopes, and she had become more academically focused. She said she has also gotten stronger and learned how to handle whatever life throws at her. And that her toughest challenge in school was figuring out who she was and she added, “Being okay with what I’m not.” Also challenging was dealing with all of the changes, as well.

In ten years she hopes to be doing what she loves and living her best life.

Her favorite teacher in school was Mrs. Hurrelbrink, 110%. Lydia says Mrs. H is amazing and kind, and she is so thankful she had the opportunity to take her classes. Whispering she said, “I really am not fond of Chemistry, I just took the class to hang out with Mrs. H!! Also, Miss Atwood is one of her very favorites, too. Lydia say Miss Atwood has helped her with a lot, and she helped her develop her writing! She is a girl-boss, for sure.

Lydia likes older alternative music, new wave from the 80’s, and new alternative as well. She is also a sucker for oldies thanks to her dad!

Her social media handles are: Instagram: lydiaseaton; Snapchat: lydia_seaton; Facebook: Lydia Seaton; Tik Tok: Lydiaseaton_; and she accidentally got locked out of her Twitter account. :^)

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