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Michael Stewart cycles for Mito Awareness Cycling for Mito Awareness

On September 4th, Michael Stewart, a local resident, cycled 170 miles to raise awareness and funds for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. This foundation is very important to him as his 12 year old daughter Madelyn has been effected by mitochondrial disease for over 10 years, more specifically by Pearsons Syndrome and Kearns-Sayre Syndrome.

Michael completed the ride within 12 straight hours, not counting his lunch break! He began in Emlenton on the bike trail and traveled north through Franklin, Oil City and Titusville. From there he continued on paved roads through Spartansburg and Corry until he reached his half way point in Clymer, New York. It was here that he joined his family at the Dutch Village Resturant for lunch and to recharge. After lunch he returned to his bike and headed south to arrive in Emlenton later that evening. 

Michael lives in St. Petersburg with his wife Sara, and 3 daughters Maddie, Gillian and Daphne, who all think he is pretty awesome and love him greatly!

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