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Moniteau Senior Profile - Kate Slaughenhoup

Meet Kate Slaughenhoup

Kate’s toughest challenge in high school was chosing to go Vo-Tech knowing that she would have to give up many of her clubs and activities, including: Student Council, Kids That Care, Art Club, Home Ec Club etc. She also states that starting a new school her junior year was challenging but worth it. “I think I have become more bold and really started following my own path since my freshman year. Even though I was on the college prep track in high school, I chose to attend Butler Vo-tech my junior year. No one else in my friend group was going and I knew very few people when I started.” Her most memorable moment in high school was being selected to compete in districts with Skills USA for Cosmetology. In high school she was active in the National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society and Skills USA. Some of Kate’s favorite teacher’s include; Mr. Bates, Mr. Farrell and Mrs. Futscher. Her favorite teacher was Mr. Ryan. “He never turns away students and when they need extra help no matter how busy he is. He is a good listener and an excellent teacher. He always goes above and beyond.” Kate’s future plans are to attend Butler County Community College and obtain a degree in Nursing and a license in Cosmetology to make extra money. Kate enjoys listening to a variety of music including, country, alternative, reggae, classic rock, etc. In her free time she enjoys reading, drawing, traveling and spending time with family and friends. In ten years I hope I will have obtained my license in Cosmetology and making great money on the side as well as being a full-time nurse. Kate’s plans are to be a travel nurse and stay somewhere warm from her years of seeing the country. Her message to her classmates: “While this was not the end of the year we expected, we still have all of the great memories we made along the way. Kate is the daughter of Dan and Megan Slaugenhoup.

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