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Moniteau Senior Profile - Nathaniel Rondinelli

Meet Nathaniel Rondinelli

While at Karns City high school, Nathaniel was active in the Believers in Christ Club, Varsity Soccer, National Honor Society, Student Council, Kids That Care Club and Chess Club. Nathaniel really enjoyed playing soccer and spending time with his friends. Nathaniel’s favorite teacher at Karns City was Mrs. Heilman but admits it was hard to chose a favorite being Karns City has such a wonderful staff. “Mrs. Heilman was far more than just a teacher. She values each of her students and makes them feel important. She is always willing to help someone who asks for help. She has been an amazing mentor and role model for me. It is teachers like her who are willing to the extra mile that have the most significant impact.” Nathaniel’s most memorable time in high school was spending a day with his English teacher Mr. Bates at his house with his family. “We hiked, played board games, watched a movie, ate homemade pizza and we ended the night by singing and telling stories around the campfire. It was a wonderful day filled with joy and laughs and is likely one I will never forget.” Nathaniel’s most challenging time in high school was in his AP World History class. Nathaniel plans on attending Penn State University this fall to major in Software Engineering. In ten years he hopes to have a family of his own and a steady income to support them. Nathaniel enjoys listening to 2010 hits on Spotify. As far as a word to his fellow classmates, “Hang in there, this will all be over soon.” Nathaniel is the son of Louis and Tammy Rondinelli

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