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Natural Gas 4 Us: Don't Tread On Me

It two weeks before Election Day November 8, 20222. From all perspectives our country seems more divided than anytime perhaps since the time of the Civil War.

I acknowledge I grew up generationally when US in United States meant “us” as Americans. Rather naïve one may suppose. Today the attitude of the country is very different. According to a recent poll conducted by USA TODAY / Suffolk University 1,000 voters were asked to volunteer that describes for them the state of the nation. The mood of America isn’t sunny. (So much for solar power). Almost 70 percent used words such as, “awful,” “chaotic,” “divided,” “a mess,” “confused, “and in “turmoil.” Only 5% were optimistic. Thinking back the saying “Don’t tread on me” comes to mind. During the revolution it was used to rally fervor and patriotism. Ben Franklin notably used it saying, “The rattlesnake never backed down when provoked “which captured “the temper and conduct of America. Fast forward to today, it is used as a more general expression of personal freedom and individualism. The TEA Party made the flag and saying as part of their platform for smaller government and lower taxes. (source Wikipedia)

The state of the energy sector is not much different. The midterm election will determine which party has the majority in Congress and that will dictate if a redirection will be possible. For now the headlines demonstrate the confusion and contradictory messages. Senator Joe Manchin bill expediting pipeline permitting, the progressives of his own party scuttled. Environmentalists applaud, and under their breath chant, “don’t tread on us”. Biden after touting his Inflation Reduction Act, he scrambles to lower gas prices. With hat in hand he goes to the Saudis to maintain or increase production. Their response lower output. “Don’t tread on the Saudis”. Just a reminder the biggest oil refinery in the US is in Texas and owned by the Saudis and guess were the oil comes from for refining.. Trump when president proposed a tariff however he responded to pressure from the big global oil companies and dropped the idea. “Don’t tread on me”. Speaking of big oil Shell and Exxon just sold 25,000 lower producing or shut in wells in California to a German investment group IKAV for an estimated 4 billion dollars. Greg Rogers an oil and gas researcher and attorney remarked, “You got bad assets with big liabilities and you get rid of both at the same time. That’s a win for Exxon and Shell. “Don’t tread on me”. As reported before Massachusetts imports a portion of their electric power needs from Canada and seeks to build a new transmission line, New Hampshire residents protest because it will impact tourism. “Don’t tread on me”. Talon Metals, wants to open a new nickel mine in Tamarack Minnesota. According to Talon executive, “This is a world class deposit. It has some of the world’s best nickel.” Talon stands to receive supplemental government funding. Local residents are worried about sulfuric acid runoff from the underground mine leaking into pristine waters. Tribal lands of the Ojibwe are less than two miles from the mine site they two are protesting the mine development. “Don’t tread on me”. More “Don'ts” next week, at the moment let’s hope there are more treats than trick this weekend, and no matter political orientation please plan to vote next Tuesday. We are a democracy and we the people need to be vigilant and know that voting matters.

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