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Natural Gas 4 Us: The Energy Go Round

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The Energy Go Round continues. Regardless of the ridiculous brinkmanship and banal drama the beltway north of Richmond crowd obligate we the people to endure. there are some compelling concerns as to energy directives that Biden and his Green team continue to advance.

Unfortunately the smoke and mirrors of both political parties avoids the most basic issue. The United States is spending money it does not have to inflate the Green Climate change balloon. The billions of dollars streaming from the Inflation Reduction Act does not guarantee sound and prudent development in a changing global geo-political world that continues relies on fossil fuels.

Is it hard to understand Biden’s continued fishy flip-flop? He tries to prevent US energy companies from producing petroleum, through canceled Federal leases, canceled pipelines and new DOE and EPA guidance and regulations outside of the legislative statutes. Simultaneously his administration is sending literally billions of disputed accountable dollars to support the Ukrainian war of defense against Russia. Simultaneously tacitly observing the BRICS growing alliance that is limiting oil production, increasing the price of oil and allowing Russia to sell its oil at the higher price to oil needy countries thus funding Russia’s war of annexation of an independent country.  By thwarting US oil and gas companies to produce more domestically, Biden supports higher gasoline prices at the hometown gas pumps. Denying the reality that this is not in our best interest for the present, the Green machine alludes to all the savings that will be forth coming from electric vehicles and embracing renewables at an unrealistic and imprudent development schedule. Why not embrace hybrid cars and trucks as a positive transitional step.

The super accelerated demand for renewable electricity undercuts the existing electric generation infrastructure and now the major grid operators including PJM (which provides power to over 61 million people in 13 states including Pennsylvania) are warning of rolling brownouts, higher costs, and less reliability. All of this for what purpose. The government agencies EIA and FERC agree the existing electric grid system of moving power from generation point to customers will struggle to keep the lights on let alone charge 100,000,000 million car batteries. Having a major portion of power generated by the cleaner fossil fuel natural gas and possibly nuclear power serves as examples how to maintain reliable and affordable electric power for a reasonable time frame as the new renewable technologies are time proven and viable. However the Green Machine finds this unacceptable and chastises any critic and criticism of Climate Change mandates. The plan is almost draconian the urban elites demanding rural America surrender their gasoline powered trucks, cars, motorcycles, and lawnmowers in some upside down schedule of implementation. But it does not stop there, between  the DOE and EPA directives, its good bye to types of gas home furnaces, gas cooking stoves, some ceiling fans, incandescent light bulbs, and now some advocate banning oak trees. Heaven forbid having wood fire stoves and pizza ovens. Instead of campfires on a summer night at the beach, in the mountains or our backyards, we will all gather round a LED fire pit and tell stories of how once we were more free. 

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