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New Nonprofit Formed for Clarion County

Employees of Clarion Vocational Services

(left to right) Hope Thom, Marcia Beck,

Deb Kaltenbach and Shirley Haggerty.


Jackie Griebel, of Marble, Pa., recently formed a nonprofit social impact organization called the “Clarion Kindness Project” (CKP).

The mission is to provide support to people in Clarion County.

Many of the projects are small but sometimes small things make a big impact. Some of our projects are: Neighbors Fund. The CKP has provided funding for folks who are without funds to receive a free small iced coffee at Blended Nutrition in Clarion. Members of the community are encouraged to donate to the fund when they are at Blended Nutrition. Every month a different establishment will be chosen to take part in the “Neighbors Fund”.

-Grocery Delivery Gift Cards. CKP has partnered with Clarion Carrier to provide grocery delivery service free of charge to senior citizens, disabled people, and those without transportation. Generous community members have purchased grocery delivery gift cards (they cost $15.00 each) and we are working with various agencies to pass them along to those in need.

-Brown Bag Lunches. CKP provides brown bag lunches via the Blessing Box at the First Presbyterian Church on Wood Street in Clarion as funds allow. The brown bag lunches are intended for those who might have difficulty cooking including children/teens, disabled people and senior citizens.

The newest project just launched is Sunshine Dinners. Once a month a warm meal will be delivered to the residents at Liberty Towers in Clarion. Liberty Towers is a low income senior citizen housing facility. Clarion Vocational Services will be preparing the meals at a cost of $6.50 on average. Members of the Catholic Daughters of America from Immaculate Conception Church will be helping CKP deliver the meals. Clarion Vocational Services is a nonprofit organization located at 7th Avenue in Clarion that provides employment for developmentally disabled individuals in the community.

CKP is seeking meal sponsorships from the community to help with the Sunshine Dinners. When you sponsor a meal for $6.50 you’re not only helping a senior citizen you are also helping to provide employment for the developmentally disabled folks at Clarion Vocational Services.

If you would like to the Sunshine Dinner project please make a check payable to: Clarion Kindness Project and put “Sunshine Dinners” on the memo line. Checks may be mailed to: Clarion Kindness Project, 13681 Route 208, Marble, PA 16334

You can follow the Clarion Kindness Project on Facebook here:

If you would like to volunteer with the Clarion Kindness Project or have questions please contact Jacqueline Griebel at 814-657-5728 or email:

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