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Updated: Mar 9

Art Hood, owner, stands in one of the consignment areas at Northwest Consignments in Seneca, PA.

Are you looking for items to decorate your home with hard to find items, or do you just like looking for treasures and gems from yesteryear. Well now you have a new place to help find what you are looking for at Northwest Consignments. Northwest Consignment is located in the old Cranberry High School at 224 South Main Street, Main St. & Meadow Rd., Seneca PA. It’s easy to find; it’s right across from the Seneca Post Office in the lower level of the school.

Northwest Consignments offers consignment selling as well as having booth rentals available from time to time. They have a free “In Search Of” service where they try to locate the hard to find item(s) you want. They are eager to support charities in their community, they sell candy for the Venango County Humane Society, they are one of the local sponsors for the Cranberry Lions Club, and they are always willing to explore helping additional community services and locally based charities.

If you are interested in “consignment selling” it is a safe and effective way to sell the things you no longer want without compromising your home security or personal safety as you do by having a ‘Yard Sale’ or ‘Garage Sale’. The Northwest Consignments store also has a network of suppliers that they have access to if you are looking to buy something special, rare, or unique.

The Northwest Consignments strives to provide the best items, the most honest services to the community that they can. Their success has been, and always will be, based solely on telling you the truth, being honest, and fair with people. Our Vendors are under the same conviction that they are, and that’s why they can confidentially say that they have some of the best Vendors anywhere!

The sole proprietor at Northwest Consignments is Art Hood, a Cranberry native that some of you may know from his employment through the years at various eating establishments, including ‘The Plaza Restaurant’, and various retailers. There are also several volunteers which keep the store going throughout the year by assisting Art, but they prefer anonymity. To honor their request, we will not be naming them, but let it be known they truly are a God-sent blessing.

Art says that the challenges of their 2020 began the second week of January, long before COVID became so famous. That is when they received notice that they had to vacate the building they were renting in Franklin, and, to top it off, they had to be out by the end of February since the ownership of the building had changed and the purchaser wanted the space for themselves. Art said, “After the initial shock wore off, I began searching for a different location, discovering quickly how expensive commercial space in the area had become. In the last few days before I was going to ‘throw in the towel’, acting on a suggestion a friend made to me, I found a great space in Seneca - in the original cafeteria of the old Cranberry Jr/Sr High School building. We met with the owner and immediately began moving forward. With much help from God, we met the February 29 deadline to be out of the Franklin building, and we were in our new Seneca home where we immediately began to build the booths for our vendors. Working desperately trying to open to the public as soon as possible, we got delayed due to the first COVID lock down, which began in March. Finally able to open to the public on May 25, 2020, at 9:22AM, we have since been very warmly welcomed into the community and the news of our existence is spreading.”

Art continued, “We follow the CDC guidelines and the State mandates as closely as possible. We want all of our treasured customers and vendors to be safe and as healthy as can be, so we just continue to adapt with the ever-changing restrictions and requirements.”

Having been blessed to receive such a warm welcome into Seneca, They are planning their first ever “GRAND OPENING” for this summer. They’ve never had a Grand Opening in all our years of operation, so they are quite excited. Art says, “We’re also planning to have special “Open House” festivities throughout the year.” There are still many changes and improvements they are making to the sales floor as they anticipate having more consignments, more vendors, and plan to continue building a stronger bond with the community. Art suggests to regularly check-out their website, for news and developments, and The Progress News.

Art also added that, “Being a native of the area and having attended school in the Cranberry High School building, it has always been a hope of mine that I could have a business that would be an integral part of the community. With my consignment store being here in Seneca, I can see that if I continue to treat people with respect, give them honesty, and practice the ethics that I was taught by my family, my little store could easily become a mecca for all of the wonderful people here and in neighboring counties. Stop in and see us, our hours of operation are: Tuesday thru Saturday 11 A.M. to 5 P.M.; and closed on Sundays and Mondays. Our phone number is: (814) 493-8354.”

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