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Notes From the Emlenton Summer Festival Committee

On behalf of the Emlenton Summer Festival Committee, we would like to thank all of our sponsors. Without you, the festival would not be possible. A special thank you to Amy’s Closet for sponsoring Jungle Terry on Sunday, he was a big hit. A special thank you to the Boys & Girls Club for sponsoring Dragonfly Balloons, and for helping with the Family Games. A special thank you to Farmers National Bank for the donation of the money for the kid’s treasure dig and we would also like to thank Nadine Drake and the 4 H for taking over the Scavenger Hunt this year and making it such a big success. We would also like to thank Pastor Tim and his congregation from Chapel on the Hill for taking over the Kid’s Bike Race this year and baking lots of goodies for our Cakewalk fundraiser, and a shout out to the congregation from Mount Zion church for their donations as well and the ladies from the Civic Club.  I would also personally like to thank Fred & Carla Hayes, Marianna Zychowski & her husband Larry for helping with the cakewalk. It was a sweet success. I want to thank all of my volunteers, Tina & Gary Zychowski, Ashley Best,  and the AmeriCorp kids who helped out this year, and also a round of applause to Amy Whitehill and the Emlenton Boro for having the Splash Pad open and operational for the kids to enjoy this weekend. It was very much enjoyed. Unfortunately, it will not be open until later in the month as there are some kinks being worked out, but it will be open and ready to go soon, keep your eye on the paper for more details.

We want to thank all of our vendors this year for braving the heat and joining us and also the community. Without your support, this is all for nothing. We hope that everyone enjoyed our 42nd Summer Festival and we will see you next year!

Sarah Reynolds

and the Summer Festival Committee

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