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On Sunny Lane - A House Is Not A Home

As Sweetheart and I drive around the local area, or on long trips, we see signs in yards that day, “Home for sale.”

Now, I’m not a person to get caught up in semantics, although I can be from time to time, but I think the signs would be more correct if they said, House for sale.”  

You see, a house is not necessarily a home. And, although it is a home to the seller, it is a house to the buyer.

There’s an old saying, “It takes a lot of living to make a house a home.” A person buys, or rents, a house and moves into it. Even though the buyer and family likes the architecture style of the house, somewhere along the line they will want to make changes to accommodate the changes in interests, or fashion or family size.

They will take pains to paint or decorate to suit their own taste and bring in furniture that accommodates their needs. They will probably charge it and rearrange it from time to time. And then there are the flowers, the shrubbery and landscaping to plant.

There are emotional changes, too. Babies are born, reach milestones as they mature, grow up and leave home. There are trials and errors, tragedies and triumphs, good times and bad.

The parents grow up, too. As time goes by, they may find that the home is too much responsibility and they need to downsize to a smaller house or senior living facility.

Leaving the home is like leaving a person behind, because it holds a lifetime of memories. It is only a shell of its former self—a shell that someone else will buy and fill with memories of their own.

Home is, not only full of memories, but it’s where the heart is. That’s something you can’t buy or sell.

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