On Sunny Lane: Bob the Builder

I don't know which came first--my Sweetheart or the action figure--but Sweetheart is definitely "Bob the Builder."

He was once a high school shop teacher. He has made wooden items ranging from toy boats to houses. If he sees wood lying around somewhere, he envisions what he could make with it.

I have taped to the door of his workshop/barn a cartoon strip of "The Family Circus." Little Jeffy comes to his mother, carrying a board and says, "I found a board, Mommy. What do you want me to build with it?" That's my Sweetheart.

Now, he has started to build me a computer table. I don't have the computer yet, but it will be coming soon. I measured the computer desk at the library, so he would have the proper dimensions.

When Sweetheart builds something for me, it is never plain and ordinary. It has special things built in for special purposes. It is designed for the special place where it will go.

We had a drop-down ladder that went through the opening in the ceiling to the loft. I go up there from time to time to take a nap. Sweetheart thought we should have something more elaborate, yet functional.

I protested.

I told him, as he was enthusiastically planning and going about his work, that it was not necessary and I was satisfied without it. Besides, we didn't need another piece of furniture to take up space in an already crowded room.

But, he continued undaunted.

After several weeks, Sweetheart came lugging the large contrivance up from the workshop/barn. He sawed the ladder to half its length and installed the new set of steps.

It was neat! The steps are hinged and I can store pots and pans in them. In the back of the handiwork he built an old library card catalog, where we can keep small often-used items. Above it is a little cupboard, where I keep some of my books. Beneath it is room for me to keep the garbage and recycling bins.

Sweetheart knew what I needed better than I did. It is worth sacrificing a little bit of space to have the convenience of storage space. I'm anxious to see what my computer table will look like, but I already know.

It will look like love.


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