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On Sunny Lane: Broken Dishes, Unbroken Lives

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Since my older brother was becoming increasingly unable to provide for his everyday needs, his family convinced him that it was time for him to move to an assisted-care-living home.

He was not excited about making the move, but he agreed that it was in his best interest. That transition took place about 10 years ago and he has since passed away.

Well, the question was what to do with all of his possessions. The family arranged for an auction at the time he was admitted, after all of his children and grandchildren had obtained what my brother had designated and anything else they wanted.

Last of all, it was time for the auction. Sweetheart and I went there to see if there was anything we could want, need or use. We also wanted to give emotional support to his granddaughter, who was handling the event. She was having a hard time with it.

There were two sets of dishes there and I was interested in one of them. I had a set of my own, but many of the pieces had been broken or chipped.

I told Sweetheart not to bid any higher than $25, but he did anyway, because he thought I should have them. I’m glad I got them, too, because I think of my brother and his wife, who passed away 20 years ago, every time I use them.

When I told my brother I had bought the dishes, he said, “You know my wife never used that set of dishes. She kept them in the cupboard. We had other dishes that we used.”

“What a waste,” I thought to myself.

I believe dishes are meant to be used. I have had many sets of dishes in my lifetime and they have all been well used before I donated them and got another set.

I am hard on dishes, though, and glasses, as well. I won’t say that I’m clumsy. Let’s just say I wash dishes with flair.

As I transfer them from the soapy water to the sink for rinsing, I sometimes get a little out of hand. That can result in the dish or glass hitting the faucet or the side of the sink and meeting its demise.

The dishes I got from my brother’s auction are also well used. I have two glasses left out of the set of eight. The salad bowls are down to six. There’s an extra dessert plate, but I don’t think that counts.

About half of the dishes have chips, so I try to make sure my dinner guests don’t get them when they come for a meal. The fact is, though, that the dishes are serving the purpose for which they were created.

It makes me wonder about people. I’ll bet there are lots of people with talents that are not being used. Are they hiding their talents in favor of pursuing their own pleasure and not serving the purpose for which they were created?

I hope they’re not worried about getting a chip here and there. Or, maybe, someone else has put them on a shelf and hidden them away, where no one will see the beauty they possess.

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