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On Sunny Lane: Class Reunion

Sweetheart and I went to my high school class reunion last week.

I won’t tell you which year it was, but suffice it to say that it’s a long time since I was in high school.

A person never knows what to expect when going to a reunion—class or otherwise.

Who will be there?

People like to go for various reasons. They want to renew acquaintances, catch up on the news, make connections, show off their new clothes, load-up on good food. Or, they just want to reminisce about old times.

Who won’t be there?

Some people have passed away since the last reunion. We had a list of 30, or so, at our get together who were no longer with us. Some people are debilitated with chronic illnesses. Some live too far away to make the trip practical. Others are too busy, or not interested in being with people they haven’t seen for several years.

The class reunion was a bit of a shocker for me. There were a few classmates whom I recognized instantly, while there were others I didn’t know until they put on their name tag.

One committee member, who was helping with name tags, told several attendees, “You haven’t changed a bit.”

After several of these comments, I said to her, “How can you say that when I didn’t even recognize the people?”

Maybe she was trying to make them feel good.

The sad part of the evening was seeing people who were active in sports and others, as well, walking with a cane, or a walker, or driving a mobility cart. I remember when they were vibrant and active.

Does a high school student ever think about what his/her life will be like as a senior citizen? Does she/he think about retirement at all? I think not. They have aspirations for putting their talents to use in the workforce; for raising a family; for owning a house in just the right spot; for making their mark in society.

As emcee for the event, I asked each classmate to tell us what she or he did for a profession and if it was what he/she intended to do. Other than those who served in the military, no two professions were the same. But, only one person divulged whether she did the job she planned.

We helped to keep the world turning, though. The world is a better place because of us and our contributions. Maybe, the purpose of a class reunion is to reflect on our lives and evaluate the impact they have made.

Even though we analyze our lives backwards, we must live our lives forward. And that’s the rub. Hopefully, our backward reflections will help some high school graduates live their lives forward in a positive direction.

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