On Sunny Lane - CRAFT SHOWS

By Dorothy Knight Burchett

Sweetheart and I were at a craft show on Saturday. We go to them from time to time in an effort to sell our wares.

Our wares consist of hand-crafted wooden toys and other items that my husband makes, as well as books and poems that I have written.

Sweetheart spends many hours and much energy in the barn working on his masterpieces. He gets much satisfaction and enjoyment out of his creations. I spent many hours coming up with ideas and inspiration to write my poems and books.

When Sweetheart and I look at what we have made, we feel a sense of accomplishment. We look at them as though they were our babies. We want to share them with the world. So, we take them to craft shows.

Craft shows are interesting—boring, but interesting. Of course, all craft shows are different. Some are busy and some are not. As I gaze around the venue, I see people walking from booth to booth, buying something from time to time. Then I think to myself, “All of these vendors put their time and talent, heart and soul into these creations. These are their babies, too. They want other people to share in the joy of what they have created.”

I wonder if they, too, wonder why people don’t have the same eagerness to enjoy the fruits of their labors. (Actually, I wonder why people don’t jump at the chance to buy products that are made in America.)

Of course, I can kind of understand. Some people paint beautiful pictures, but a person can only have a certain number of pictures on the walls before the walls are covered. Once your Christmas tree is decorated, it doesn’t need any hand-made ornaments. And one afghan, or baby blanket or scarf is probably enough to keep a person warm, no matter how much time and love went into making it. And, truth be told, not everyone has interest in the same kinds of things.

When we’re not making sales, though, Sweetheart and I visit with the other vendors and talk about our trades. We commiserate on lack of sales. Sometimes, we get new ideas. Sometimes, we see people we know and catch up on family news. Sometimes, the only money anybody makes is when we buy from each other. But, when times are slow, we just try to make the best of it.

Whether we have lots of sales, only a few, or none at all, we rest in the knowledge that our show fee, at least, benefited the charitable organization that sponsored the event.

We still can’t figure out why people aren’t excited about our babies. Or, maybe we have the kind of babies that only a mother could love.


Dorothy has recently published a book, “Miles and Miracles”, and it can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle, and is now available at 512 Main in Knox, PA. Her email address is: dorothybutzknight@gmail.com

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